Derivative datasets, bulk exports, and summaries from the Caselaw Access Project.

Resources you can find here:

  • bulk_exports: zip files of case text and metadata by jurisdiction or reporter.
  • citation graph: A zipped CSV file of case ids and the case ids they cite to
  • illustrations: zip files of the hundreds of thousands of illustrations included by judges in the caselaw.
  • PDFs: PDFs of each volume scanned for CAP, with selectable text created by OCR.
  • scdb: spreadsheets connecting our Supreme Court cases with metadata from SCDB, the Supreme Court Database.

Accessing restricted files

Files with "restricted" in the file path, such as bulk exports of raw case text, are only available to download with a researcher account.

If you have a researcher account you can download restricted files via your browser, or using your API key with a command like

wget --header="Authorization: Token abcd12345" ""

(We recommend wget over curl as it will automatically resume interrupted downloads of large files.)